FFC began life in 1979 as a dynamic company that almost immediately acquired and still maintains an excellent reputation for high quality and professional standards in the mechanical plant and equipment sector and in metalwork construction and installation.

We provide essential technical support for firms manufacturing and operating mechanical plant and machinery. Over the years we have extended our activities to the construction and installation of metalwork plant and equipment of a number of types, both light and heavy. The company currently occupies a leading role in the following sectors:

  • The installation of industrial plant and machinery
  • Repairs to industrial plant and machinery
  • Servicing industrial plant and machinery.

Highest professional standards quality
of the products

The quality of our work ensures that our many customers, both Italian and international, are happy to place their trust in us, enabling us to build on our technical knowledge and expertise, always working to the principles we hold dear and that mark FFC out from the crowd. These principles include:

  • workplace safety
  • constant monitoring of market evolution
  • our selection of suppliers
  • organisational and production flexibility
  • highly qualified specialist personnel
  • the introduction of quality models in our company processes
  • our excellent customer relations and the value we place on people.

FFC’s technical department designs and develops plant and machinery to meet individual customer needs, working in an indoor area of 2100m2 with a further 4000m2 of outdoor space equipped for

  • building light and heavy metalwork items
  • constructing piping in stainless and carbon steel
  • prefabrication in general
  • construction
  • mechanical equipment servicing and maintenance
  • piping
  • architectural structures
  • hydraulic plants
  • water and fume purification
  • instrumentation and refrigeration

Our team is made up of highly qualified, IT-savvy, specialist technical experts able to perform all types of operations, supported by state-of-the-art onsite equipment capable of maintaining continuity between our HQ and the work site in question.

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